Poem of Pets (A Poem of Love)

There once lived a puppy and kitty,

the latter so pretty, and the puppy so witty!

Days spent of unbroken devotion,

to their love and ambrosian emotion;

together the threads of friendship were woven.

a duo worthy of the Gods themselves;

a tale of the threads that will never be broken,

one to be written and placed on God’s shelves.

From the stars they slept to the morn they’ve woken,

Comes a journey too hard for J.R. Tolkien.


A lovely kitty and a funny puppy,

Met one day ‘cause they were purely lucky.

They took to games and silly jokes,

searching for laughter and a funny hoax.

they grew as one; clung to each other

like kitty was sister, and puppy was the brother.

through the worst of storms, they stood by one another.

the dark and bad of the world could not smother

either one of them; as the ray of light that was their cover,

from the pain, they protected their lover.


Now, they say, to this day,

the moon and stars make way…

for the lover, sister, and brother,

for when the world would spin and whirl,

when a person would give their life for the other,

may the embers of love spit and twirl,

and the New York City lights shine so pretty…

for the loyal, loving, and oh so witty…

puppy, and his kitty.


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